Pushy 0.15.0 API

Pushy is a Java library for sending APNs (iOS and OS X) push notifications.

Pushy sends push notifications using Apple's HTTP/2-based APNs protocol. Most users will interact with Pushy via the ApnsClient class, which manages connections and sends notifications to the APNs server. Generally, ApnsClient instances are constructed by an ApnsClientBuilder.

The SimpleApnsPushNotification class provides a simple, concrete implementation of the ApnsPushNotification interface. A push notification's payload is just a JSON text, and callers may construct payloads however they choose. Most users, though, will probably find the ApnsPayloadBuilder class helpful for constructing push notification payloads.

Pushy is available under the MIT License.

Package Description
Contains classes for parsing and serializing JSON.
Contains classes and interfaces for interacting with the Apple Push Notification service (APNs).
Contains classes for working with APNs keys.
Contains classes and interfaces for working with proxies.
Contains classes and interfaces for working with mock APNs servers.
Contains classes for working with APNs tokens and payloads.
Contains application-specific interfaces for working with asynchronous push notification operations.