Package com.eatthepath.pushy.apns

Contains classes and interfaces for interacting with the Apple Push Notification service (APNs).

Callers will primarily interact with the ApnsClient class to send push notifications. An ApnsClient maintains a single connection to the APNs gateway and sends notifications using the HTTP/2-based APNs protocol. Notifications are sent asynchronously.

The ApnsPushNotification interface represents a single APNs push notification sent to a single device. A simple concrete implementation of the ApnsPushNotification interface (SimpleApnsPushNotification) and tools for constructing push notification payloads can be found in the com.eatthepath.pushy.apns.util package.

Jon Chambers
  • Interface Summary
    Interface Description
    A metrics listener receives events from an ApnsClient that can be used to measure the performance and behavior of the client.
    A push notification that can be sent through the Apple Push Notification service (APNs).
    PushNotificationResponse<T extends ApnsPushNotification>
    A response from the APNs gateway indicating whether a notification was accepted or rejected.
  • Class Summary
    Class Description
    An APNs client sends push notifications to the APNs gateway.
    An ApnsClientBuilder constructs new ApnsClient instances.
  • Enum Summary
    Enum Description
    An enumeration of delivery priorities for APNs push notifications.
    An enumeration of push notification display types.