Package com.eatthepath.pushy.apns.auth

Contains classes for working with APNs keys. Keys are used in token-based authentication. Callers will generally use the ApnsSigningKey class to provide signing credentials to clients. An ApnsVerificationKey class is also provided for callers that need to build integration tests using the MockApnsServer.

Jon Chambers
  • Class Summary
    Class Description
    A private key used to sign authentication tokens.
    A public key used to verify authentication tokens.
    An authentication token (or "provider authentication token" or "provider token" in Apple's terminology) is a JSON Web Token (JWT) that contains cryptographically-signed claims about the identity of the sender that can be used by APNs clients in lieu of mutual TLS authentication to authenticate with an APNs server.
    An authentication token provider provides thread-safe, non-blocking access to a shared AuthenticationToken and refreshes its authentication token at regular intervals.