Interface PushNotificationHandler

public interface PushNotificationHandler

Push notification handlers process push notifications sent to a MockApnsServer and decide how the server should respond to those notifications. Implementers can write handlers to simulate a variety of server behaviors and error conditions without setting up elaborate pre-conditions.

Push notification handler instances are bound to a specific connection and will always be called by the same thread; as a result, implementations are inherently thread-safe.

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  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Processes a push notification received by a mock server.
  • Method Details

    • handlePushNotification

      void handlePushNotification(Http2Headers headers, ByteBuf payload) throws RejectedNotificationException
      Processes a push notification received by a mock server. Implementations should exit normally to indicate that a notification should be accepted by the server. If an implementation throws a RejectedNotificationException, the server will reject the notification. If implementations throw a RuntimeException, the server will report an internal server error to clients.
      headers - the notification's HTTP/2 headers
      payload - the notification's payload; may be empty or null
      RejectedNotificationException - if the server should reject the push notification for a specific reason